Upcoming show: 12/7/13 - Hoxter's Music & Sports Bar - 7:30pm

Winter blues set in? We'll fix 'em. Come on over to Hallowell's best music room for a dose of the Zulu's unique brand of Afro-Appalachian Americana & psychedelia! Yep, we'll have some great new tunes on hand, as usual, plus the good old songs as well.

Ages past, so young and misunderstood...

We recently obtained some rare footage of the Zulus playing at venerable Johnson Hall at some time in the last millenium -- a clip of us playing Jim's original "Transvestic Fetishes", and segueing into The Animals' classic "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". Check it out: Transvestic Fetishes / Misunderstood


Yes, it's true - the Zulu Leprechauns are now part of The Social. In other words, we have Facebook Presence!! Please look us up and "like" us.

Latest CD - In the Weeds

The Zulu Leprechauns are proud to announce that their new CD, In the Weeds, is now available. Their fourth album features a bunch of new songs, a couple of old favorites reinterpreted, and is also spiced with several covers you'll love.

In the Weeds features more of a down-home feel, with Jim bringing out his banjo and adding lots more of Annegret's violin. Newest member Jeff Howe joins on percussion, and John's bass keeps everything anchored. Jim's son Garth guests on Jim's song 'I Won't be Your Jesus'.

To get your very own copy of In the Weeds, please email our own John Shaw at . $12 includes shipping and our thanks.

We are Zulu Leprechauns

John Shaw

vocals, bass & cowbell

Jim Schwellenbach

vocals, electric dulcimer, banjo & cowbell

Annegret Baier

vocals, percussion, violin & cowbell

Jeff Howe

percussion & cowbell

Zulu Leprechauns. Serving up Afro-Appalachian Psychedelia since 1995.

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